Thursday, 10 June 2010

Jimmy's Value World Article Extractor Scam

Jimmy's Value World Article Extractor Is a Scam. DO NOT BUY IT! Read below to learn more. You may buy it at your peril!

I bought Jimmy's Value World Article Extractor through PayPal. It took 2 days and 3 emails to receive my download link for the software.

When I received and installed this article extractor it would not work. I contacted the owner 2 more times who then sent me a RegAe.exe file which they clumsily explained that I needed to run to send them my "System ID" in order to be activated on that one computer. I was advised that I can only run the article extractor on that one computer. That I would live with if the software actually worked.

I was them supposedly activated but still the software would not fetch articles for me let alone publish them anywhere. I contacted the owner who sent me all sorts of hoops and still the article extractor would not work. They sent me a link to a video that the said was how it should work. But this is no good to me for I want it working for me.

After 3 days of emails back and forth, I requested for a refund. The owner would not refund my money.

I had bought a product that would not work for me and which the owner has control over because they could terminate my license if they refunded and then they would not refund. They advised me to go to PayPal and claim my refund there.

At, I opened up discussions with the owner of Jimmy's Value World Article Extractor again. We went through 2 days of what had gone on previously. I requested for a refund again. He escalated the case to PayPal took just a few minutes to decide on the case and below is a quote of their decision;

"Your seller has chosen to escalate this dispute to a PayPal claim. By ending communication with you and escalating to a claim, the seller is asking PayPal to investigate the case and decide the outcome. As part of our investigation, PayPal reviewed any communication you may have had in the Resolution Center.

Our investigation into your claim is complete. As stated in our User Agreement, the claims process only applies to the shipment of goods. It does not apply to complaints about the attributes or quality of goods received. Therefore, we are unable to reverse this transaction or issue a refund."

So the seller of Jimmy Value World Article Extractor did not refund my money and PayPal does not want to know as the case had nothing to do with delivery of the bought item. That's why the seller adviced me to go to PayPal and claim for refund. I am certain that he has been doing this to other buyer's.

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